Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies

Solar Inverter Manufacturers

Companies involved in Inverter production, a key component of solar systems. 1,032 Inverter manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionOn-gridOff-gridHybridMicro-inverterPower Range (kWp)No. of Known Sellers
Ginlong SolisChinaChinaOn-gridOff-grid0.7-255114
Must Energy (Guangdong) TechChinaChinaOn-gridOff-gridHybrid0.3-2427
Guanzhou Poojin ElectronicChinaChinaOff-grid0.12-12
INVT SolarChinaChinaOn-gridOff-gridHybrid0.75-63031
AEG SolarGermanyGermanyOn-gridHybrid3
Huayu New Energy TechnologiesChinaChinaOff-gridHybridMicro-inverter0.3-1211
RENAC PowerChinaChinaOn-gridOff-gridHybrid1-1508
Livoltek PowerChinaChinaOn-gridOff-gridHybrid3-601
Ningbo Deye Inverter TechnologyChinaChinaOn-gridHybridMicro-inverter0.3-11017
Sungrow Power SupplyChinaChinaOn-gridHybrid3-6800144
Inti PhotovoltaicsSpainSpainOff-grid0.3-6.54
Grandglow New EnergyChinaChinaOn-gridOff-gridHybrid0.5-5001
Company Name     Power Range (kWp) No. of Known Sellers
1st Sunergy United StatesUnited States On-grid 5-500
3D Energy ItalyItaly On-grid Hybrid
ABA Electricals IndiaIndia
Abest Solar ChinaChina Off-grid 0.3-4
Ablerex Electronics TaiwanTaiwan On-grid Off-grid 1-12 2
Abo solar ChinaChina
Accura Automation Engineers IndiaIndia Hybrid
Ace-Tech Solar Products PhilippinesPhilippines Hybrid 1-2
ACPL IndiaIndia Off-grid 0.3-1
ADP Power Solutions IndiaIndia
Adson Electronics Technology ChinaChina On-grid
Advon IndiaIndia On-grid 0.9-10
AEC TaiwanTaiwan On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 3.3-66 1
AEconversion GermanyGermany Micro-inverter 0.25-0.5 6
AEG PS NetherlandsNetherlands On-grid 5
AEG Solar GermanyGermany On-grid Hybrid 3
Afore New Energy ChinaChina On-grid 1-60 5
AG Power ChinaChina
Agni Power & Electronics IndiaIndia On-grid Hybrid
AIMS Power United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid Micro-inverter 0.012-0.384 8
Airkom IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
AISWEI ChinaChina On-grid Hybrid 1.1-1100 10
Ajay Industrial IndiaIndia 0.1
Akowa Electronics TaiwanTaiwan Off-grid 0.15-4
Akshar Enterprise IndiaIndia
Akshar Group of Company IndiaIndia
Aladdin Electronic ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid
Alencon Systems United StatesUnited States On-grid
Alenson Electronic ChinaChina Off-grid 2-3
Alkatel Solar ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 0.4-5
Allesun New Energy VietnamVietnam On-grid Micro-inverter 0.5-8
Allpowers SingaporeSingapore Off-grid Hybrid
Allsparkpower ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 1-500
Alpha IndiaIndia 5
Alpha Tech Energy Solutions IndiaIndia On-grid 1-3 1
Alromar Energie Maroc MoroccoMorocco Micro-inverter
AMAZE IndiaIndia
Amensolar ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 1-33
Amerisolar United StatesUnited States On-grid 1.5-5 1
Amg Power Soluion ChinaChina On-grid 1.5-20
Amon Solar IndiaIndia Hybrid 1
Amplec ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 0.3-6
Ampolt Electronics India IndiaIndia Off-grid Micro-inverter 0.25
AMPS IndiaIndia
Amsine ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 0.3-200
Analogics Tech IndiaIndia On-grid 5.5
Analytic Systems CanadaCanada 0.3-3.6
Anern ChinaChina Hybrid 1.5-5.5
Anushree Greentech IndiaIndia
AogeTech ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 0.300-10
Aotai Electric ChinaChina On-grid 3-3600 2
Apex Solar ChinaChina Micro-inverter 0.3-1.5
APM Technologies ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 1.5-30
APS IndiaIndia On-grid 1-80
APsystems ChinaChina On-grid Micro-inverter 0.25-1.5 95
Arer Enerji TurkeyTurkey On-grid Off-grid
Ario South AfricaSouth Africa On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 30
AROS Solar Technology ItalyItaly On-grid Off-grid 1.5-800 1
Arrow Power IndiaIndia On-grid Hybrid
Arrow Powertech IndiaIndia Hybrid
Asadal ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 0.5-12
Asian Electron TaiwanTaiwan Off-grid 0.2-5
Atersa SpainSpain On-grid Off-grid 0.15-0.6 1
Atess Power Technology ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 5-630 2
Atumvn VietnamVietnam On-grid Off-grid Hybrid Micro-inverter
Aunilec FranceFrance Hybrid 3.6-5
Austa Solar ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid Hybrid Micro-inverter 0.3-110
Autarco NetherlandsNetherlands On-grid 0.7-120 2
Avespeed New Energy ChinaChina On-grid 0.5-1000
AXID FranceFrance On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 1.5-3
Azo Digital PolandPoland On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 2-10 3
Baykee ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 1-500 1
Beacon Power Systems IndiaIndia 1
Beijing Corona Science & Technology ChinaChina Off-grid 3-630
Beijing Epsolar ChinaChina Off-grid 0.2-3 37
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology ChinaChina On-grid Micro-inverter 0.25-6
Beijing New Power PV Technology ChinaChina Off-grid 0.5-5
Beijing Prostar International Electric ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid
Beijing Shanhu (Sangsolar) ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid Hybrid Micro-inverter 1kw~255kw
Beijing Tianzhu Solar Energy Technology ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 0.3-10
Beijing United Power ChinaChina On-grid 0.3-5
BelEnergy BrazilBrazil On-grid Off-grid 2-100
Benning GermanyGermany 4.6-17 3
BeON PortugalPortugal Micro-inverter 1
BGS TurkeyTurkey Off-grid
Bharath Power Solutions IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 0.8-6
Bioenno Power United StatesUnited States Off-grid
BKE Czech RepublicCzech Republic Off-grid
Blue Mountain Energy United KingdomUnited Kingdom On-grid Off-grid Hybrid 0.91-37.5 1
Bluebird Solar IndiaIndia Hybrid 0.3-3
Bluesun Solar Energy Tech. ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 0.3-250 2
Bonjour Solar ChinaChina Off-grid 3.5-30
Boqiang New Energy ChinaChina Off-grid Hybrid 5
Borri ItalyItaly 20-500
BOS Power ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 1.5-500
Bradpower IndiaIndia
BREK Electronics United StatesUnited States 250
Bright Manufactring United StatesUnited States 0.024 1
Büttner Elektronik GermanyGermany 0.6-1.7
BWSP ChinaChina Off-grid 2-12

Featured Product (Inverter)

BG 40-70kW

INVT Solar
  • Type: On-Grid
  • Product Warranty: 5 Years
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Dimension: 810x645x235 mm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Max. DC Power: 55 kW
  • Max. DC Voltage: 1100 V
  • Max. DC Current: 74 A
  • MPP(T) Voltage Range: 570~950 V
  • No of MPP Trackers: 1
  • ?Max. AC Power: 44 kW
  • Frequency: 50,60 Hz
  • Max. Efficiency: 98.9 %
  • Euro Efficiency: 98.5 %
  • Feed-in Phases: 3

Featured Product (Inverter)

  • Type: Micro-inverter
  • Product Warranty: 25 Years
  • Protection Class: IP67,NEMA 6
  • Dimension: 153x178x28 mm
  • Weight: 1.98 kg
  • Max. DC Power: 0.31 kW
  • Max. DC Voltage: 60 V
  • Max. DC Current: 10.5 A
  • MPP(T) Voltage Range: 27~48 V
  • No of MPP Trackers: --
  • ?Max. AC Power: 0.25 kW
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Max. Efficiency: 96.7 %
  • Euro Efficiency: --
  • Feed-in Phases: --
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