Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies


A database of distributors and wholesalers for solar photovoltaic kits, panels, inverters, mounting systems and other balance of system components. Sellers are listed as distributors only if they have a special agreement with the manufacturer. Please select your region to get a list of local solar suppliers.

Company Name  RegionDistributor/
Brands CarriedMinimum Order VolumeProducts
Czech RepublicDistributorWholesaler131 Unit(s)Panel   Inverter   Battery   Mounting System  
Topsky Electronics Technology
ChinaDistributorWholesaler18100 Unit(s)Panel   Inverter  
Smart Solar System
Czech RepublicDistributorWholesaler111 Unit(s)Panel   Inverter   Battery   Mounting System  
VDH Solar
NetherlandsWholesaler13Panel   Inverter   Tracker   Mounting System  
Czech RepublicDistributorWholesaler14Panel   Inverter   Battery  
BelgiumDistributorWholesaler251 €Panel   Battery   Charge Controller  
ItalyDistributorWholesaler2630 Unit(s)Panel   Inverter   Battery   Mounting System  
Techno Sun
SpainDistributorWholesaler31150 €Panel   Inverter   Battery   Charge Controller  
The Sol Patch
PanamaDistributorWholesaler82Panel   Inverter   Battery   Tracker   Mounting System   Charge Controller   Converter   Monitoring System  
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