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INVT Solar Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

INVT Solar Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

6th Floor, Block A, INVT Guangming Technology Building, Songbai Road, Matian, Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
+86 755 23535666
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Joyce Chen Marketing Dept.

Company Description

Since 2002 INVT developed the first generation inverter, it has 18 years of experience in the accumulation of power electronics technology and inverts technology, with 12 R&D centers, with a laboratory that awarded ACT from TUV SUD and WTDP-UL qualification, recognized by CNAS. More than 10% of sales revenue is invested in R&D, and now it has 1147 pcs of patents. Its iMars series grid-tied solar inverters have a better performance on the aspect of product stability, efficient power transformation, low harmonics, safe power grid access and so on for its top-level R&D team.
It has come into a unique advantage in product technology. They can be widely used in distributed solar grid-tied power generation systems, such as BAPV (house roof, office building roof, and factory roof), BIPV (integrated residential buildings), commercial plants and so on.

Business Details

Component Types
Inverter, Monitor, Storage System, Charge Controller, Solar System
Storage System
On-grid, Off-grid, Standalone, Intelligent
VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA, Lithium Ion, LFP
Charge Controller
Technology Type
On-grid, Off-grid, Hybrid
Power Range (kWp):
Solar System
On-Grid, Off-Grid, Standalone, Home Storage
System Type
Ground, Carport, Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, BIPV
No. of Known Sellers
Inverter 31 Sellers, Storage System 1 Sellers
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  • MG 4-5kW
    3.68 ~ 5 kW On-Grid
  • BG 40-70kW
    44 ~ 66 kW On-Grid
  • BN 1-6kW
    1 ~ 6 kW Off-Grid
  • BD50-500kW-DE
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD500-630kW-M
    550 ~ 693 kW Hybrid
  • BD 30-500kW-MT
    33 ~ 550 kW Hybrid
  • BD30-500kW-P
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD 6-12kW-RH3
    6.6 ~ 13.2 kW Hybrid
  • BD 3-6kW-RL1-A
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD 5-6kW-RL1M
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD-HS (3-5KTL)
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD 3.6-5kW-RBP
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD 5-11kW-H1
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD 3-6kW-RL1
    -- kW Hybrid
  • XN 3-5kW
    -- kW Off-Grid
  • XN50P-48
    -- kW Off-Grid
  • XG50-70kW
    55 ~ 77 kW On-Grid
  • XG100-136kW
    110 ~ 150 kW On-Grid
  • XG 25-40kW
    27.5 ~ 44 kW On-Grid
  • XG 15-25kW
    16.6 ~ 27.7 kW On-Grid
  • MG 3-6kW-2M-PL...
    -- kW On-Grid
  • MG 3kW-PLUS
    -- kW On-Grid
  • MG 1-3kW
    -- kW On-Grid
  • MG 3-6kW-2M
    3 ~ 6 kW On-Grid
  • BG 4-10kW
    4 ~ 10 kW On-Grid
  • BG 12-20kW
    12 ~ 20 kW On-Grid
  • BG 25-50kW
    25 ~ 50 kW On-Grid

Company Updates

10 Jan 2022

Good news! INVT Solar XN 50PIII-48 off-grid single phase solar inverter was installed successfully in a 5kW Israeli residential solar power station. It makes household electricity safer and more convenient.

4 Jan 2022

A busy year past away, we have gone through a lot in this year. Believe INVT Solar would do better, remain vigorous and keep on moving forward in 2022. Happy New Year!

24 Dec 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

16 Dec 2021

INVT Solar was invited to attend the PV Annual Conference in Shandong on December 12. At the conference, INVT Solar demonstrated XG100-136KW inverter which attracted many customers. Some EPC companies also expressed further cooperation intention.

15 Dec 2021

INVT Solar Single Phase Hybrid Inverter BD 5-8kW-RLN/BD 5-11.4kW-RH1N are designed specifically for America voltage 110V and have passed the UL standard. More details:

14 Dec 2021

Good news! The 300KW commercial #PV #plant of Nantong, Jiangsu was successfully connected to the grid on December 9. The inverters used in this solar power plant are all from INVT SOLAR and run well and receive positive feedback from customers.

16 Nov 2021

Do you know what are the benefits of solar inverters adapted to high-power modules? INVT Solar XG 15-136kW solar inverters is specially developed for industrial&commercial PV plant. It adapts to 670W module, which is more efficient and reduces the cost.

8 Nov 2021

This 15kW Solar Carport System with EV charging was built in Luoyang, Henan, China, and put into use on Oct.29. This solar carport installed 36 pcs of 420W PV panels and 3 sets of INVT Solar's newly launched XN5kW off-grid solar inverters and 2 sets of INVT 7kW AC charging piles.

1 Nov 2021

Trick or Treat?INVT Solar inverters don't trick, just bring you energy and safety. Happy Halloween!


Very good value for the money, optimum performance and good after sales service. Compact equipment and good implementation.

-- , IM Solar

We have been distributing INVT solar inverters in our local market. The feedback we received from our users are positive. Thanks to INVT 's high quality product and professional service.

-- , Noorpashtoon Limited

INVT Solar is a reliable solar inverter supplier from China. Not only can they produce high quality products, but also they can help users solve their problems after installation.

-- , Photon Energy Solutions

INVT solar inverters have been in the market for many years. The reputation they have established helps us sell more solar system in Australia.

-- , Pivotal Solar Solutions

Apart from their product quality and brand awareness, the reason we use INVT solar inverters in our solar system is because they are willing to work with us closely to solve our customers' problems.

-- , Hanover Solar GmbH

INVT's inverter has alway been our first option, when it comes to storage system solution. Our customers are very satisfied with their product quality and the service they provide. We will continue to grow our business together.

-- , Shenzhen Megarevo Technology Co., Ltd.

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